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Ankh - key of life

original papyrus ( left ) :: with my version of tree of life added ( right )


Tree of gnosis overlay © 2008 Raah Sirus

see this page:- Tree-of-gnosis

original artwork from Egyptian papyrus (image from internet)

MagicEgypt video ( using my version at 1:08 ) > key of life


In this graphic we have a blend of the ancient Egyptian Ankh symbol, with masculine (left brain / logical / 12) and feminine (right brain / intuitive / 13) aspects included. Overlayed is the Tree of gnosis graphic, with the planets arranged in sequencial order (heliocentric - Sun centered version rooted in Earth).


Starting at the root of the Ankh, the order goes...

Earth (1), Moon (2),


Venus (3), Mercury (4), ~ these are the 2 inner planets from perspective of Earth


the Sun (5), ~ situated at the center of tree / solar system


Mars (6), Jupiter (7), Saturn (8), ~ these are the 3 visible to naked eye outer planets


Uranus (9), Neptune (10), ~ these are not visible to naked eye (need telescope to see them)


and Galactic center (11). ~ also can be Pluto (also not visible to naked eye)


( sphere 12 and 13 respresent the number of synodic moons per year )


This particular order is my own rendition, which includes the Galactic center at the apex of the tree, as I feel it would represent the next level up from solar-centered cosmology.


The measure of 1 Decan

As a sequence, not including the G.c, there are 10 spheres (8 planets + Sun and Moon), which could represent the 10-day week "Decan" of the ancient Egyptian calendar (where the original Geometric-zodiac-of-12 came from), made up of 30 day months ( 3 x 10 ). The complete Egyptian year is made up of 12 months ( 12 x 30 ) + 5 days at the end of the year dedicated to purification to prepare for the next year.


In total though, there 13 spheres in the full Tree of Life ~ ( "as above so below" )

The 13 months of the year form the 2nd stage or genesis

the "Tree of Life in Time"


~ Tree of gnosis with planets ~



Detail at the center of the Tree of Gnosis anchors day of week

see this page: 7-day-week



please note: the Ankh tree of life is not the same as traditional Cabalistic Tree

which misses out the 8th sphere (daat)... and switches Uranus with Saturn...

also at the top here is Pluto... not Galactic center...

and where is Neptune in the diagram below ?


*in diagram below it is counted from top, so is 3rd sphere instead of 8th of Ankh Tree version*