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"you don't change an existing system by fighting it,

but by inventing something better that makes it obsolete"

quote of Buckminster Fuller

Updated first on - solar monkey: 1 seed : day 156 of organic spring equinox year - © 2013 Raah Sirus


~ Anchoring the new fractal codes of the next 26,000 years !

Cosmic Eagle Calculation ( 1964 tzolkin since Pacal's Accession )


For more info regarding how the

alignments of the Merkaba at 19.47 intergrate see

Calculating the Count


for use with the 13 Moons year bearer system

52 year table of adjustments



~ Legacy of Pacal Votan ~

and the Merkaba Zenith count

see also: Solar Zenith year


Occurrance of the Solar Zenith in 615 AD

@ 19.60 N. ( Edzna )

:: Day of Pacal's Accession ::

5 Lamat ~ 1 Mol ~

Blue Lunar Eagle (White Magnetic Wizard year)


Day Out of Time Alignment

~ Solar Zenith at 19.47 ~


: 13 moon new year :

Galactic Seed pocket time matrix


Alignment at Teotihuacan

see also: Planetary Merkabah




May Universal Peace Prevail !

May All Beings Be Happy !

In Lak'ech RA:AH

Click here for Solar Zenith alignment over 19.47 North for Day Out of TIme (25th July this year)

anchoring Revived Zenith count / Dreamspell of 13 Moons

no longer based on Gregorian July 25th

returned again to being

based on the actual Alignment

Sun at its Zenith