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Obelisks and shadows


The image above is from the temple of Karnak in Egypt, looking out of the entrance towards one of their many obelisks.

The benefits of using obelisks being the ability to keep records of the various shadows phenomina, zenith days, hours of the day, and the alignments of the Sun rising and setting directly East and West.


*Zenith days can only occur within the tropics, so between 23.5 degrees North and South. When they occur there is no shadow cast at midday.


*The hours of the days, divide the day into segments, to have greater accuracy of alignments, for example: the Sun rising directly East = 6am in the modern clock. see >> Sundial / Rune Clock


Positioning of obelisks aligned with the 4 directions North, East, West and South (n.e.w.s.), it being a 4 sided structure, allows for all of the above to be known and experienced.


The phenomena of zenith stones or standing stone is not unique to Egypt here are examples from ~ Picts (Scotland) on upper left ~ Mayans (Mexico) upper right