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-- Finding the spiral thread --

Split into 4 sets of templates the Infinity Codes have been designed to assist re-establishing our connection to the cycles of the cosmos and the earth (macrocosm and microcosm). The codes are arranged in a fractal sequence in order to reveal the spiral thread of interconnected-ness between us, nature and the universe.

graphic = the 4 sets of templates: earth, lunar, solar, galactic

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Their purpose is to liberate and inform us with the knowledge of geometric patterns, fractal harmonics and organic ratios of the 13D reality in which we live. Each graphic has ancient wisdom encoded within it that our ancestors knew and based their systems of time and space measurement upon.

Living in a non-linear matrix of time and space, which they understood primarily through observing the movements of the 7 visible ‘spheres’ (5 planets + sun + moon), our ancestors were far beyond us in their development. This enabled them to perceive the fractal design of the tree of life, and our place in it - via the 28 = (4x7), the 365 = (13x28) +1, and 365.242 (1 year). This created a fractal matrix of the alchemy of the organic + geometric, that could then be aligned to zodiacal + celestial, in an eternal map of the cosmos.

Rooted in the ancient and confirmed by modern calculations this collection of timeless blueprints are intended to inspire and attune anyone open to re-connecting with the roots of our world culture, and the many tribal understandings that they communicate through their shape and meaning.


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Crossing the Threshold :: 2010-2012-2014

Lunar eclipse ~ Full moon ~ Winter solstice 2010 (upper left of graphic)

Completion of Mayan long count ~ ~ Winter solstice 2012 (central axis)

New Moon ~ Winter solstice 2014 (upper right of graphic)


What is the context?

Living in the end times (Solstice Sun aligned with the Galactic Center), beginning of the 21st century (7:7:7), Age of Aquarius geometrically speaking, yet in reality (organically speaking) the Age of Aquarius starts circa 2600ad, information Age, cyber era… Peak moment of 2012, Dec 21st, next Winter solstice !

At this key moment in time our world is waking up to our collective responsibility for our planet as a whole system. We are returning to natural principles, and respect for mother/father earth. In addition to this there is an overwelming amount of research:

alternative systems of culture and community (permaculture, 13 moons, exopolitics...),

new energy technologies (solar, wave, wind...) and economic systems (gift economy, lawful bank...)

and prototype devices (compressed air, hydrogen from water, magnetic motor, zero point...)

This proves we already have most of the answers to solve our worlds problems. Only it seems that old obsolete dogmas, closed minds and fixed dominating infrastructures continue to try to get in the way of our transformative ability as a unified planet.

This current world scenario is unfolding and transforming right now and is made up of:


Natural systems ("As above")

the atmospheric, biological, biospheric, ecological, environmental,

organic, natural, spatial and sustainable matrices


Human systems ("So below")

the economic, educational, financial, governmental, industrial,

media, military, political and religious infrastructures


Visualizing this as the “As above, So below” of our collective reality assists in the realization of the opposing principles of the structures (Human systems) compared to the matrices (Natural systems) of our world. This informs us of the polarized divisions of our macro~systems here on Earth, that in truth is a single unified reality enfolding our world, yet we dont always see this because of the systems that control our lives.



On one hand we have the masculine "ruled" Gregorian calendar (sexist with only 3 months named after Goddesses), a 12 month calendar of irregular lengths, that doesnt measure moons, but claims rulership over our minds and view of time as a linear framework... the world standard of the global infrastructures ... our outdated macro~program (seriously needing an upgrade ! )


On the other the 7-day-week, 13-month-year and the 24-hour-day, all of which are made of even units of measure, and have mystical origins to their creation and geometrical foundations... through which we live in our daily lives here on planet Earth... our hamonic/geometric micro/macro~programs

Beyond this, and that which has been hidden from us, is ultimately in my opinion the Infinity-Codes of nature (mother/father Earth) and the cosmos (grandmother/grandfather Sky), these codes will be uploaded on this website here to share in the liberation of time as a fractal matrix... transcending the current global infrastructures and grounding a new framework of equality for the next 26,000 years...

~ as we cross the threshold of 2012 ~

It is the distinction of the exact way in which we operate as a consensus of Billions of human beings with the world around us that will in the end give us the awareness of where there is an absolute need for the greatest amount of change.

Where? … In our Macro-Program… that is where.

The only aspect of our reality that is not based on Harmonic and Natural principles, rather the failed attempts of Emperors and Popes, is the Gregorian calendar. Do we believe that the way we function as a species using the Gregorian calendar as our worls's macro~program is the best way we could function, or the most refined or dynamic? Does it benefit all beings of this world equally, or only those who know how to profit at the expense of everyone else?

Now is the time, to shake off our limitations and remember our true origins in time as a planet of many cultures, diverse as a fractal, a never ending spiral of life going back all the way to our ancestral roots and all the way into the not-to-distant future, when we will sail ships on galactic waves across the galaxy to other solar systems and planets in the endless starry skies !

In our hearts we already know the answer to these questions.

It is our birth right as sovereign human beings !

To be empowered to live the dream as our true purpose !

We are divine beings ! Eternal and infinite !


~ graphic of day before Annular solar eclipse this year (2012) ~



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