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Elixir of 28

This graphic describes through its geometric structure a further alchemy of 28, into cycles of the 7 days of the week, in combination with a pyramid shape (4 sides).


6 circles + 1 central circle = 7 days of the week

the 1st stage or genesis (seed of life)


There are 4 of these sequences per 28 day cycle. Each one being the completion of 1 week of 7 days, that cycle through the 7 spheres of our solar system visible from Earth:


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Moon's-day, Tiw’s-day, Woden’s-day, Thor’s-day, Freya’s-day, Saturn's-day, and Sun's-day.


The center is made up of 16 parts (4x4), is coded to 4 colours (green, black, orange and blue), and is a fractal of the genesis pattern (16 = 1+6 = 7). This is contained within a weave of 28, its edge meeting the outer circles of the 4 genesis sequences.


© 2000 Raah Sirus


For more info see this page: geometric-months

For more info see this page: alchemy-of-28


Below you can see a mandala I created several years ago also around 2000

at the beginning of my investigations into the patterns of eclipses.


It encompasses 4 x 19 year cycles (also known as: Callippic_cycle)

each year contains:

13 x 28 (+1) = 365 days

plus leap-days

(at the time I was using the Diamond Matrix in my calculations)



To find out how my "theories" have evolved

see this section of the website

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Its no longer a "theory"...